Let’s Talk Wellness with The Access Brothers

“The Access Brothers”, Ryan and Adam El-Hosseiny, V.P’s at Access Medical Laboratories in Jupiter, FL have been in the medical Laboratory field for over 15 years. Helping and Working with Physicians from around the United States in innovating tests from General Chemistry to Anti-Aging Diagnostic Testing.

The Access Brothers” are passionate about informing people on Health, Wellness and Integrative Laboratory testing to help people improve their Quality of Life. “The Access Brothers” bring you what YOU want to hear, from Natural Supplements & Vitamins, to Highly Respected Specialty Physicians from around the World.

Now on Seaview AM 960 Radio, you can listen to “The Access Brothers” every Saturday from 10am to 11am as they bring you the information you need to stay Fit, Healty and Feel your best!

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