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Have you ever seen bed bug bites? Perhaps you have not and that is why you want to know more about the topic. Even if you habitually maintain high cleanliness and hygiene standards in your home, these parasites can still attack. You or anyone in your family can pick them up from anywhere and bring them home. These pests do not need food flakes like the roaches do, since they live on human blood. They can live in both clean and dirty environments. Even so, a dirty cluttered house is a bonus, as the bugs can steal your blood and hide really well.

Bed bug bites are not painful. They are very itchy and uncomfortable. While they are very noticeable, the bitten areas are extremely confusing. It is very easy to confuse them with mosquitoes and fleas’ bites, especially because they are very itchy. All the same, it is possible to rule out these two insects by finding out exactly what the bed-bug bite looks like. The internet is an awesome resource for this because it offers both information and pictures. Look for pictures of a skin that has suffered multiple nibbles. The spots are very red with a darker section in the center and they are very itchy. These parasites suck blood systematically either in clusters or uneven lines. Specifically, bed bug bites will be found on your face, arms, hands, and neck. These are the quickest areas to access while you are sleeping. If the infestations for the pests are unshakable, you will find these signs every morning. Even as some people do not develop any serious reactions, others suffer severe allergic reactions such as hives and blisters. They happen as a result of itching.

How do these pests nibble your skin? These parasites are arthropods and their ability to suck blood depends on their mouthparts. Although the species are different, their feeding process happens in two major ways. Some species insert their mouthparts into the host’s blood capillaries and are called vessel feeders. In the other group, pool feeders destroy the surface tissues of the capillaries to create a pool of blood which they devour quickly. What happens when they inject their mouthparts into the host’s capillaries? They infuse some active substances called kinins, proteins, and hyaluronidase. These substances consist of compounds that cause different skin reactions like hemorrhagic, erythema, and others. They are worse on people that have sensitive skin and repeated bites could actually cause serious allergic manifestations. There are even reports that indicate that their biting behavior can cause Hepatitis B.

If you are suffering from these bites, the best thing to do right now is to see your doctor. It goes without saying that the continued blood-sucking habit of these insects could cause anemia or a situation where your blood level is too low. Although this is rare, it could happen and can cause a general body weakness. The only way to eliminate bed bug bites is to hire a professional exterminator to get rid of different generations of bed bugs.

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