Are you getting the best Pest Control Service?

Here at our Pest Control Company, we make sure that our partners provide a full and extensive service. We understand how frustrating dealing with pest problems can be. It’s for these reasons that we have created an industry standard for all of our partners around the country. Each and every service you will receive the following.
1. 6 Foot Home Barrier

We create a barrier around your home, 2.5 feet up on the wall and 3.5 feet out on the ground, using a power sprayer to make sure that all of the small nooks and crannies around your home are sealed off. These areas are where the pests love to seek shelter from the elements year round. We want to make sure they aren’t able to sneak into the home through these avenues.

2. Entry Point Protection

Bugs love to enter the house the same that we do, the easiest way possible. Often times this means entry through windows and doors. Even the smallest cracks look like wide open canyons to the pests that want to invade your home. So we make sure that we cover this area with our protection plan. We specialty treat these problem areas to eradicate any and all issues you may be seeing.

3. 15 Foot Yard Granule

We don’t want to just protect your home, but your entire property. We extend the barrier around your home an additional 15 feet into your yard. We use specially engineered micro capsules to attack the pests where they live and breed. Our main goal is to break up the mating and breeding cycles of the pests around your home. We apply a micro encapsulated granule to make sure these pests are pushed out and away from the property.rodent control

4. Cobweb and Nest Knockdown

We go back into the eaves of your home and make sure to spot treat where any issues seem present. We then knock down any and all webs and nests we see to make sure that the pests can’t come back. Not only does it make the home look fantastic, but it helps us control all of the bugs that are trying to creep into the home from above.

5. Free Re-Services

Finally, any pest control professional that we partner with has to offer a free re-service guarantee. If you see any pests in between visits, just give your pest control professional a call and they will be back out within 24 hours to re-service the home. Absolutely Free of Charge! We stand behind what we do and we want you to have the peace of mind that comes with a pest free home, year round!

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