Outdoor Lighting – Make Your Porch Shine


Transforming your dull porch into something with more flair shouldn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. With so many designs on the market it makes purchasing quality porch lighting very affordable especially in this economy where every penny counts. Your ideal porch lighting should not only create a sense of warmth and comfortable living, it should also provide a certain sense of safety. More information here @ http://landscapelightingguru.comoutdoor lighting

Transport yourself back in time by installing vintage outdoor porch lighting that brims with artistic style and taste. By performing an easy search online you’ll find many wholesale distributors and stores like Wal-Mart in the USA and online market places like eBay that specialize in distributing all types of outdoor accessories and lighting technologies.

Choose your styles carefully when doing your shopping and ask questions about design when you can’t make up your mind. Installing constructive outdoor porch lights will not only brighten up your home at night it can serve another purpose by keeping out any potential robbers. One very important aspect of you might want to consider is to look for porch lights that use light bulbs that would fit your needs like soft light, or maybe dimmed light units. You want the type of light bulbs you use to offer the best quality light while providing the longest life and also giving you value for your money.

The three most popular types of light sources are:

Fluorescent light bulbs – Burns bright, quite cost effective, but has a short lifespan offering up to 20,000 hours of light.

Incandescent light bulbs – Very popular in most homes due to their price. They are the cheapest and are quite inexpensive to maintain. Has the shortest lifespan offering up to only 1000 hours of light life. Repeated replacement costs make this quite expensive in the long term.

Led light bulbs – Quickly becoming the most popular method of lighting. Requires the least amount of energy and thus saves you money immediately on your energy bills. Has the longest lifespan offering up to 80,000 hours of light life. This is definitely a good option to consider when installing your outdoor porch lighting.landscape lighting electricians

The most common types of porch lighting available to consumers are flood lights, vintage or modern sleek lanterns, hanging ceiling lights and lastly wall mounted lights. To put down a list here of all the different types of designs available would probably take up too many pages but in essence what you want is decent lighting that can be manipulated to create the feel that you love. What is important here though is type of finish that can withstand any harsh weather, be impervious to rust and be waterproof to provide you with light for many years to come.

Wall mounted porch lighting lanterns are easily available at good prices with vintage and period designs that will make you feel at home. Living in the USA you have to be safety conscious and with the right down and uplighting you can achieve two effects that will give you the most light coverage per square meter.

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